4 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP is a MIAMI - Los Angeles-based holding company dedicated to financing and producing independent and studio films. We strive to create thoughtful, intelligent, and unique entertainment with commercial appeal. Filmmakers come first, and story and character are always our top priority. 4EG, through 4E Pictures remains filmmaker-focused, ensuring unique films for mainstream audiences.

With experienced Hollywood producers on our movie Investor team, we have a deep understanding of how to get movies made from the ground up. Having been in the industry for decades with an impressive slate of movies produced, we know what information investors look for to make their decision. On the flip side, we understand the industry and are constantly immersed in the changing market, allowing us to give sound investment advice such as movie genre and topic trends and actor / film crew track record trends, particularly for independent films.



Principle + Executive Producer + Producer

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Barry Rosen

Executive Producer / Producer

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Brendan Fitzgerald

Executive Producer / International Distribution

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Helen Zorba

Michael Pellegrino

Executive Producer / Film Finance

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Our team have Executive Produced, Produced, Created, Raised Financing, and negotiated network and international distribution deals for a wide range of feature films and TV series.


4 Entertainment Group is a television production company based in Los Angeles, California that specializes in reality and documentary programming. We frequently have opening for short and long term positions in all areas of production. Please send your information via email or fax directions are at the bottom of the page.

Must be skilled in set design, props, sewing, painting, and shopping on a budget. Qualified individual will occasionally appear on camera.
Must have experience producing and directing in cinema-verity style. Reality based programming experiences a plus.
Must know how to tell a story and have experience in reality television. Night shift avaliable.
Must have on-lined for national broadcast and be able to read scopes. Night Shifts avaliable.
Digitize footage, troubleshoot systems, organise, and work well on your own. Night Shift avaliable.
Must have reality television experience.
Duties and responsibilities : Media Logging, Script Organization, transcribing, general office duties, and assisting the production department in the productionof all television series and specials. Qualifications : Macintosh computer skills, interest in documentary-style television and eagerness to learn all facets of television production.
Duties and responsibilities : Assisting field production with lighting, camera, and audio needs, producer support, and general crew requests. Qualifications: Television production skills (field or Studio), interest in documentry-style television and eagerness to learn all facets of television production.
Duties and responsibilities : Media Logging, learning all aspects of the tape library,assisting editors, preparing music cues and assisting the post-production department in support of six television series. Qualifications: Interest in the post-production aspect of the business, Macintosh computer skills and an eagerness to learn and work hard.